My big love is strength-based fusion of vinyasa & hatha yoga and this is mostly what I teach. It is a fiery, cleansing and confidence-building practice, open to all levels, given that modifications can be easily built into the postures.
I also teach yin, a calming, meditative but very often also challenging style of yoga. It builds flexibility, works on our connective tissue and strengthens the resilience of our mind.
My next step comes from my ever growing fondness of kundalini yoga and meditation, which I am currently exploring at the teacher´s level. I have a regular morning routine with writing, meditation and yoga asana, which I love and also teach to my students and life coaching clients.
My most popular mini Course on Core & Low back on my YouTube Channel Includes the following:
1-Warm Up 2-Core 1: Supine 3-Core 2: Planks 4-Core 3: Obliques 5-Low Back 1: Prone 6-Low Back 2: Standing 7-Cool Down and Deep Stretch Yin Style
These sequences, which will change your core & low back forever. You will move and sit differently, your Posture will improve immensely and your pains and aches in low back will become history. Stay consistent & results will come with time.