Get super clear on what you want & take purposeful action!

@Do you have a decision to make?

@Do you want to change careers or start a business?

@Do you want different relationships?

@Do you want to fall in love with your job?

@Do you want to lose weight or become fitter?

@Do you want to launch a side business?

@Do you want to slow down, but achieve more?

@Do you want to try something new in your business?

@Do you want a different life?

@Do you actually know what you want?

In the COACHing process you will...

#Become clear on what you want (the hardest part)

#Learn how to set your priorities

#Diminish fear; strengthen courage and confidence

#Reduce stress and overwhelm

#Get into action with focus and intention

#Recognise what is holding you back and how to release it without drama

#Achieve your goal, whatever it is.

You will also learn how to...

*Feel uncomfortable emotions

*Build new beliefs

*Simplify your life (yes!)

*Make decisions you love

*Create a system to achieve whatever goal you want then

 *Use it again and again.


life coaching

Do you believe in yourself enough to actually do it?

If not, can you take the plunge and do it anyway 😉?

Simply click on the button below for a free conversation that will change your life whatever you decide.

We will meet on zoom or in person.

PS if you decide to work with me, you will receive private coaching as well as off-call support via email and chat together with my workbooks. I often support my clients additionally with body and breath-work as part of the process.

I coach mainly in English, but also in German, Slovenian and Croatian. All the material is in English.



I love freedom, nature and movement. I believe in equal opportunities, justice and peace. I know that everything can be worked out and anything can be achieved by working on our beliefs, getting into action and taking full responsibility of our life.

Apart from being a certified life coach, I am also a mum, a wife, an expat, a traveller as well as a dog owner. I am also a friend to many and consistently trying to be my own best friend. I am still learning how to embrace uncertainty in life with more trust and courage. I hold MSc in politics and economics and I am currently on sabbatical from an international organisation.

Slovenian by origin, I am currently living in the UK. I coach mostly in English, but also offer sessions in Slovenian, Croatian & German – mostly over zoom or over the phone. I also offer “walking coaching in nature” locally.

Yoga is an integral part of my life and I have a daily morning practice that I would not swap for the world. Learning a morning routine is also an integral part of my coaching, together with breath work and meditation.

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